Summer Greetings

Summer 2023

Stockholm in June 2023

It’s 74 degrees, the sky is clear blue. The leaves on the trees are still light green, like they just emerged out of winter. It’s summer – finally.

Every year my wife Linda and I spend a few summer months on Lidingö, an island just 20 minutes from downtown Stockholm. We use the time to catch up on what is going on in our native country but primarily on social activities.

The support for Sweden’s entry into the NATO alliance has grown, people are realizing that the proximity to a rogue Russia and being the only country in this part of the world that is outside NATO is not an attractive combination. The war in Ukraine has united the western world and there is solid political, military and humanitarian support for Ukraine and its brave people also here in Sweden.

The local news is filled with gang related shootings, often in public places. Flatfooted politicians and a police force that needs to have much larger local presence are not living up to expectations and this situation is way on its way to spiral out of control.

Swedish exports to the United States amounted to $17.56 billion in 2022, making the United States the 3rd largest Swedish export market after Norway and Germany. The elephant in the room is the weak Swedish krona that has fallen 40% against the dollar during the last 10 years. Sweden is forecasted to have negative economic growth this year, so the Riksbank is between a rock and a hard place with an inflation boosting the falling currency and people struggling to pay their mortgage while there is a need to hike rates one more time in this cycle.

Jacob Wallenberg, Chairman of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, spoke out recently about the need for major infrastructure investment in Sweden. The country needs to be refurbished, with everything from road investments to train tracks and airport facilities. Everyone that’s rented a car at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm know the third world logistics. First you walk for 10 minutes with your luggage, you go down some stairs and wait outside for a bus. After 5-6 minutes the bus arrives at an old building where all the car rental companies are present. One would think a rich country like Sweden could look at airports all over the world how to solve this, but no. There is by the way available capital waiting to be invested.

We will put all of that aside and enjoy the very long summer days, summer concerts, road trips, meeting old friends and everything that comes with summer in this beautiful country. Soon enough it will get darker, and we will head back to North Carolina!

Have a great summer!

Einar Thodal-Ness

Happy 4th of July! 

Fourth of July is right here, and many people take a brief break from the grid and connect with family and friends to celebrate the anniversary of America’s independence in gratitude for freedom and democracy.

Even though America faces big challenges, it is important to recall the Founding Fathers’ vision when the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776 to create a free and democratic society. Bill Clinton once said, “There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.” The Fourth of July reminds us to breathe through the country’s (and our own) ups and downs. My observation is that optimism and belief in the American Dream sticks to the core of the country. Amy Kan writes in her novel the Joy Luck Club “In America, nobody says you have to keep the circumstances somebody else gives you.”

With that we hope this edition of SACC Carolinas Summer Newsletter created by our Trainee, Wilda Nystrom, finds you well and in good spirits; Happy Fourth!

SACC Carolina team

Sweden 500 years! 

SACC Carolinas wanted to share this milestone and for those that celebrated June 6, we hope you had a memorable day!

Sweden as an independent nation started i 1523, with the election of King Gustav Vasa. Our current monarch, King Carl XVI Gustaf, is celebrating 50 years on the throne. King Carl XVI Gustaf has been the longest reigning monarch in Swedish history and is currently celebrating by visiting all 21 of Sweden's regions with Queen Silvia. 

2023 truly is a jubilee year for Sweden, as the country boasts 500 years worthy of a celebration. It’s a year with more than one Swedish milestone, featuring everything from royals and opera to rollercoasters and the Nobel Prize Banquet. But at the heart of it all is independence and democracy.

More information:

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Business News  

Historic Find of Rare Earth Minerals in Sweden

Sweden has just made history with the largest, rare earth metals discovery in Europe. No rare earth minerals are currently mined in Europe, so this discovery could open new opportunities.

This could also reduce the EU's dependency on China and provide a significant opportunity for green technology. Rare earth minerals are used to make products from mobile phones and electric vehicles to military equipment like missile guidance systems.

Demand is expected to increase fivefold by 2030. The discovery in Sweden is estimated to contain over 1 million tons of rare earth minerals.

Extraction poses both difficulties and environmental risks that authorities must consider before bringing this resource into supply chains. However, it is likely that the importance of these resources will speed up the approval process for mining operations.

With this new discovery, Europe will no longer have to rely on China for its rare earth mineral needs. It can start developing its own green technologies instead. This is an exciting development that could help reduce Europe's carbon footprint while also providing a valuable resource for businesses and consumers worldwide.

Business Region Gothenburg - Green Industry Investment in Gothenburg is Now More Accessible

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New direct flights to Gothenburg are set to strengthen the city's appeal to businesses, talents, and holiday makers. The region is becoming a leading destination for R&D, accounting for a massive 34% of Sweden's business R&D expenditure, with $4.1 billion invested in the county. It is also an engine for Swedish growth.

“We see a clear shift to the west, where Gothenburg has overtaken Stockholm and become the region where companies invest the most money in R&D. In addition, economic growth (GRP) in the Gothenburg region has increased by an average of 4.3 per cent per year for the last ten years, which is almost on par with China’s growth figures,” says Henrik Einarsson, Head of Establishment and Investment services at Business Region Göteborg"

A new green industry is emerging in Gothenburg

The region's transition to greener production is driving new investment and R&D efforts. A clear example of the change that is taking place is seen in the automotive and mobility sector, where companies are now investing large sums of money in R&D, especially in electromobility. For example, the region will soon have in place two battery gigafactories, which is previously unheard of in Europe.

“In addition to driving and reshaping the entire business world, it also means that a completely new base industry is about to emerge here in western Sweden in the form of a complete battery production chain, with everything from R&D to large-scale production,” says Henrik Einarsson.

US-Millions Attracts Swedish Businesses

Read full article from Dagens Industri

Joe Biden's climate investments benefit Swedish companies that can compete with a high sustainability profile, particularly within the automotive sector. However, the legislation is complex, and protectionist elements pose risks of setbacks.

Life Skills To Get You Hired and Promoted 

High Point University once again surveyed executives across the nation to examine which skills employees need to thrive in their careers. The survey of 500 executives at organizations of 2,500 employees or more reveals not only what leaders are looking for when they hire candidates, but also what employees need to get promoted and continually grow in their careers. Several data points from the poll reveal that employers are looking for candidates who have hands-on experience in real-world settings.

When it comes to landing the job, executives said that internships and experience-related roles matter most (41%) on a graduate’s resume, followed by degree of study (27%) and a high GPA (24%).That may be because certain life skills attained only through experience are important to hiring managers. Executive leaders said that a lack of emotional intelligence and people skills (64%) in a new college graduate would make them more hesitant to hire that person than a lack of technical skills (36%).

According to the executives polled, success on the job is highly dependent on a person’s level of life skills, such as motivation, coachability and emotional intelligence. For example, executives were asked: When you hire new college graduates, what are the reasons they succeed? Executives said college graduates succeed because they are motivated (26%), they are coachable (25%), or they have high technical capabilities (25%).

The full article regarding the survey can be found here.

Join Us for Our Annual Crawfish Party!

Join us on September 30th for our annual crawfish party. Delicious crawfish and great company awaits! More information can be found on our website.

Thank You, Wilda!

We at SACC Carolinas would like to express our sincere appreciation for all the work you have contributed to as a trainee over the nine months you have supported SACC Carolinas. We are truly grateful for your dedication and enthusiasm you brought to us.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and we hope our paths cross again in the future.

I am so grateful for my time with SACC Carolinas, it has been a great experience. Working together with all the board members on different projects has been a perfect combination of challenging and exciting, and everyone has been very supportive! The knowledge, skills, and relationships I gained will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on my career journey.

Thank you for having me! 

Wilda Nystrom

New Members 2023

We want to give a warm welcome to our newest members of 2023! We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events.

Anders Victor – Young professional

David Larsson – Young professional

Lyn Burkett – Individual

Angela Harris – Individual

Christer Hartikka – Individual

Full member directory can be found here (you need to be logged in to view): 

Member Directory

Members Column

The members column is planned to be a standing part of our newsletter. We will reach out to our members to get their input, view, and profile of the company. 

ALTEN Technology USA

ALTEN was founded in France in 1988 and has since grown to a global group with over 50,000 employees in 30 countries and revenue in excess of $4 Billion (2022).

Alten’s US operations are based in our three offices, Greensboro NC, Denver CO and Detroit MI with clients throughout the country. The company also has multiple subsidiaries across North American, including in California’s Silicon Valley and San Diego as well as in Canada and Mexico.

In the US, ALTEN currently provides engineering services focused primarily in the areas of Commercial Vehicles, Automotive technology, Advanced Transportation, EV and charging systems, Rail, Medical Devices, Aerospace and Defense. Our US customers include Volvo Group, Daimler Group, Stellantis, Tesla, Lucid, Zoox, Nikola, Blue, and Honda.

ALTEN has strong footprint in Sweden through its acquisition of XDIN in 2008, including XDINs subsidiary in Greensboro, NC. Our engagement model includes full time onsite consultants at clients’ facilities to all inclusive fixed price work packages executed at ALTEN’s facilities. Our consultants are all full time employees with a full benefits package including family and pet health insurance, retirement plans and vacation.

Promotion - Kosta Boda & Orrefors

Kosta Boda and Orrefors are giving all SACC members a discount code! 

Enter the code SACC30

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Book Recommendation

Reading is knowledge, and knowledge is power. For the summer we thought you would enjoy reading a book from the Medici period.

Leonardo da Vinci - Walter Isaacson

To read this magnificent biography of Leonardo da Vinci is to take a tour through the life and works of one of the most extraordinary human beings of all time in the company of the most engaging, informed, and insightful guide imaginable. Walter Isaacson is at once a true scholar and a spellbinding writer. And what a wealth of lessons to be learned in these pages. 

Please share any book here that you believe may be of interest and we will add it to our book recommendation in our next newsletter.

SACC-USA Talent mobility Program 

Working to increase knowledge exchange between Sweden and the United States, the SACC-USA Talent Mobility program is one of our core member benefits. To find the strongest candidates, SACC-USA assists American Member Companies by mobilizing our contacts at the top universities in Sweden. The capacity to find top talent has been further strengthened by the launch of SIREUS. Visit the SIREUS website here: 

Designated J-1 visa sponsor by the Department of State, SACC-USA helps Member Companies throughout the entirety of the visa process. Conversely, the U.S. Talent to Sweden program helps Swedish Member Companies find American interns, as well as securing the Residence Permit. Altogether, these programs help promote Swedish-American knowledge exchange, and strengthens the interconnectivity of Swedish-American business cultures.

Find more information about the Talent Mobility Program here.


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We hope you have an amazing summer!

Vi hoppas du har en fantastisk sommar!

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