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The official day for fall was on September 22 and this time of the year reminds me of the Swedish summer. Unfortunately, the Swedish summer is short, however, this year the Swedish summer registered record high temperatures in the 90’s, where the north part of Sweden (Lapland) recorded heat of 92.5 F. Many experts and officials fear that these conditions, fueled by the climate crisis will only get worse. In the Carolinas, we have been fortunate with beautiful and comfortable evenings.

Along these lines, many speakers at the SACC-USA Executive Forum addressed climate change and sustainability. The Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs talked about the lack of global common standards to battle climate change. During the last five years the temperatures have continued to increase, which of course can have perpetrating effects. The cost of extreme weather in the US last year was $100USB. However, the positive trend is that many Swedish and American companies are committed to be carbon dioxide neutral by 2030.

In my summer Newsletter, I mentioned that we would have a trainee from Sweden working remotely and our experience has been very favorable. We have a new trainee in the fall, Sofie Liang, that will also be working remotely from Sweden. I believe that the trainee is an excellent opportunity for American companies to host a trainee from Sweden on a J-1 VISA. It is a resource to consider for any company and industry. (See more later in the Newsletter)

From a business point of view, it is encouraging that SACC-USA has entered a strategic partnership with GoToMarketUSA, which consist of Nordic and American advisors with experience of establishing a company in the US. It is my understanding that SACC Carolinas will be involved in this process when a Swedish company plans expansion in North or South Carolina. (www.GoToMarketUSA) These opportunities are of mutual interest, and we welcome any expansion in the Carolinas.

Best Regards,

Riber Gustafson

President of SACC Carolinas

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The Swedish American Chambers of Commerce of the USA and Prosperity Developers International 

Enter Strategic Partnership

Partnership capitalizes on business opportunities arising from new U.S. administration initiatives and post-COVID energized U.S. economy

Washington, D.C. July 23, 2021 – The Swedish American Chambers of Commerce of the USA (SACC-USA) and Prosperity Developers International (PDI) are pleased to announce that they have entered a strategic partnership, combining PDI’s business advisory services with the reach of the SACC-USA network to leverage business opportunities in local markets. 

The partnership agreement connects the second largest European chamber of commerce in the U.S. with PDI’s Scandinavian business developers and market know-how. It capitalizes on new and impending investment and enterprising initiatives by the U.S. administration against the backdrop of a strong U.S. post-COVID economic recovery. 

“PDI offers strategic and practical advice for SMEs in the early stages of market expansion in the U.S. or Scandinavia. We identify relevant industry clusters and help clients navigate logistical, administrative and legislative requirements to enter business landscapes that look rather different from one country and state to another on either side of the Atlantic”. said Gary Bruce, Founder, and CEO of PDI. “Through the SACC network, we can match client entrepreneurs with business partners, financiers, legal advisors, policymakers and lobbyists in the SACC network”.

“The SACC network constitutes a toolbox of business resources to help drive investments to the right opportunities in the U.S., Sweden’s largest export market after the EU and where Sweden is the 13th largest investor. Gauging political developments impacting investments from our outpost in Washington D.C. and offices in the different states is a core competence of ours”, said Michael Andersson, Chairman of SACC-USA. 'The partnership will help SACC members and PDI clients remain on the competitive vanguard in a US market which by all accounts is open for business post-COVID”. 

SACC-USA with its 2,500 members and 20 offices across the U.S. puts on some 300 events a year. The organization is a proud visa sponsor and university partner placing trainees in both the U.S. and Sweden. The first Swedish American Chamber of Commerce was founded in New York in 1906.  

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US Talent to Sweden

SACC-USA, in partnership with the Swedish Institute and the American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden (AmCham), offers Swedish companies the opportunity to hire technology and business talent from the United States for traineeships up to 18 months. Augment your workforce with skills and entrepreneurial spirit from the United States.

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If you have an engineering project or simply would like some high-caliber assistance, we have a solution for you. SACC-USA partners with one of Sweden’s most prestigious schools, Chalmers University of Technology, to provide access to highly competitive engineering students who are eager to come to the U.S. to gain practical and cultural experience.

The students have completed at least three years (B. Sc.) of a five-year master’s program (M. Sc.) and are looking for an internship from 3 to 12 months, starting in the summer or early fall 2021, in the areas of Applied Physics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mathematics, Industrial Engineering & Business Management, Design Engineering, Software Engineering.

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