Message from the President

First of all, I hope everyone is in good health. I also hope that your business has not been too negatively impacted during these difficult times. Talking to people in the business world, many of you have started to see signs of new business opportunities this year. At the beginning of the year, our new President of United States delivered an address of foreign policy and his top priorities, and a lot applies to Swedish-American trade and business opportunities. The top two priorities are first to contain the COVID-19 crises and the second one is to tackle the climate emergency. I would argue that Sweden has been in the forefront for climate change for years and our recent Business survey shows that seven out of ten believe that the new Administration’s climate plan will result in increased Swedish export to the U.S. In fact, three out of four believe the climate plan to be an encouragement for Swedish companies to enter the U.S. market. Basically, the survey conclude that the U.S. economy will have a “green injection in 2021” and an immense opportunity for Swedish companies. SACC Carolinas, including our 19 chambers are here to assist and support.

Best Regards,
Riber Gustafson
President of SACC Carolinas

About the Business Survey

Swedish companies to take the step over to the US market. Biden's climate plan particularly points out several areas and industries that are to be stimulated: automotive and transit, power sector, housing and buildings, infrastructure, innovation, agriculture / conservation, and environmental justice.

The SACC USA Business Survey was conducted between January 11-20, 2021. The purpose of the survey was to find out how SACC USA members perceive Joe Biden's proposals for solutions in the environmental field could benefit Swedish companies in the US market. The survey also asked about the economic recovery in the US in connection with COVID-19 and the dollar's development against the Swedish krona in 2021.

221 members of SACC USA have responded to the survey, which also asks about the perceived development of the dollar exchange rate against the Swedish krona. Over the past year, the dollar has fallen by almost 20 percent against the Swedish krona, something that has disadvantaged Swedish companies in the United States. Opinions on the development of the dollar over the coming year are divided among SACC members. Just over half of the members (46%) believe that the dollar will rise in the coming year, while the other half believe that it will decline or remain at the same level as now.

Citing our President of SACC USA, Johan Marcus, “the krona has been strong, and the dollar has found a level against the krona that will probably be unchanged for a while. The dollar's position will then reflect how successful the recovery in the US will be.”

In conclusion, the SACC USA members believe that Swedish companies can make a special difference in industries such as cars and transport, energy, houses and buildings, infrastructure, and innovation. It is also in line with my view of how the Swedish export industry stands in international competition.”

SACC USA is represented in 19 locations in 37 states.

Upcoming Events

We will continue to offer webinars for the main part of this year. We have presented several joint virtual and networking events during the first quarter of this year. We appreciate your participation and hope that you had the opportunity to attend but also to expand your network through the Zoom break-out rooms.

We look forward to arranging face-to face events later this year as our economy and society opens back up.

Members-only Event

Members-only Event

The 2021 Executive Forum

The Executive Forum will include keynote speakers, panels, fireside chats, and round table discussions. We anticipate high-level representation from both the U.S. Administration and the Swedish Government. Take this opportunity to gain exclusive insights and expand your network among Swedish and American top executives, experts, and politicians.

To conclude the day, a cocktail and dinner reception will be hosted by H.E. Karin Olofsdotter, Ambassador of Sweden to the United States. Attendees are also invited to enjoy a dinner cruise along the Potomac River, the evening before the event, June 16. We have also reserved a second date, September 30 as back-up, should it not be possible to host an in-person event on June 17.

The Executive Forum is a premier networking event and an outstanding platform to meet the broader Swedish-American business and diplomat community as well as key policymakers.

Want to participate? Please register by sending an e-mail to

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Recent News

Sweden top ten happiest countries in the world

World Happiness Report puts Sweden in the top ten happiest countries in the world. The happiest country is Finland - again.

The report ranks factors like social support, personal freedom, gross domestic product and levels of corruption as well as a survey of citizens.

Even though last year saw Covid-19 impact the world, there was not a general decline in happiness.

The US placed 19 in the ranking. This is the ninth year the report has been made.

Volvo Plans to Sell Only Electric Cars by 2030

Volvo Cars one-upped larger rivals like General Motors and added momentum to the movement toward electric vehicles on Tuesday by saying it would convert its entire lineup to battery power by 2030, no longer selling cars with internal combustion engines.

The declaration by the Swedish carmaker is the latest attempt by a traditional auto company to break with its fossil fuels past. It is also one of the most ambitious proposals and ratchets up the pressure on others to follow suit.

The auto industry has been moving toward electrification for years, but the shift has taken on new urgency in recent months. President Biden’s election, along with his commitment to fight climate change, has raised expectations that the United States will offer the kind of incentives that helped make electric cars the fastest-growing segment of the European market last year.

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US Talent to Sweden

SACC-USA, in partnership with the Swedish Institute and the American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden (AmCham), offers Swedish companies the opportunity to hire technology and business talent from the United States for traineeships up to 18 months. Augment your workforce with skills and entrepreneurial spirit from the United States.

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Get an Intern from Chalmers

If you have an engineering project or simply would like some high-caliber assistance, we have a solution for you. SACC-USA partners with one of Sweden’s most prestigious schools, Chalmers University of Technology, to provide access to highly competitive engineering students who are eager to come to the U.S. to gain practical and cultural experience.

The students have completed at least three years (B. Sc.) of a five-year master’s program (M. Sc.) and are looking for an internship from 3 to 12 months, starting in the summer or early fall 2021, in the areas of Applied Physics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mathematics, Industrial Engineering & Business Management, Design Engineering, Software Engineering.

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